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Pop Corn Machine Rental

$ 65.00

Does your mouth water at the smell of Theater popcorn?

Great for family events, block parties, and corporate events

Concession Machine Rentals

Pop Corn Machine

Hot fresh popcorn- there's nothing else like it.

That authentic smell and flavor will have people lined up for a bag.

We supply you with enough servings to serve 60 - 70 guest.


Start making popcorn an hour ahead of your event to ensure that you have plenty on hand and get that great popcorn smell going that draws people in.

Space Needed for the Popcorn Machine

The popcorn machine must be set up on a table or counter that is sturdy and stable. It is approximately 15" deep by 20" wide by 26" tall.

People Needed to Run the Popcorn Machine

An adult must be in charge of the popcorn machine at all times. An electrical outlet needs to be available within 50' of the popcorn machine. It draws a maximum of 10.5 amps at 120 watts.

Transporting the Popcorn Machine

This item can be picked up. It will fit a large car trunk or in the back of a pickup truck or SUV. Delivery is free with rental of other games or moonwalks.

Other Requirements

You will need a table or counter to set the popcorn machine on while in use.
If you need to purchase additional items:

  • Popcorn and Oil (we offer pre measured packages)
  • Bags or boxes
  • Flavored Salt- optional

Popcorn Packs

Approx. 8 - 12 servings

Handy popcorn portion packs have pre-measured amounts of popcorn, seasoning salt and coconut oil for perfect, theater-quality popcorn every time. Simply cut-off the top and put the contents into your heated kettle.

$3.00 / Pack

1.5 oz Popcorn Bags

  .50 / 12 Bags


Make your reservations by calling us at (310) 920-6447 or email us at info@jumptothemax.com
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