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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order?

To place an order, you would need to contact our Rental office for rental availability. To reserve your unit, we would need:

Date of event 


Delivery address

Start time and end time

Inflatable you would like to reserve

Whether it will be placed on grass or concrete

Phone number

Once you placed an order, the products you requested will be reserved for you.


Once you place an order, we will deliver your order as requested; your order will not get lost or cancelled without your knowing. Someone from our office will call you to confirm your order either on Thursday or Friday of the week of your rental date.


to cancel your order, please call us one week ahead of time. This will allow us to rent the inflatable out to someone else. If you decide to cancel your order once the driver has arrived at your door or is already on the way, there will be a $30 delivery charge.


If it is raining on the day of the event, we will not delivery your inflatable. We will call you in the morning and cancel your order. If it is a cloudy day and there is a slight chance of rain, we will call you in the morning of the event before the driver leaves the warehouse. At that time you can keep your order or cancel it. If you give us the go ahead, we will deliver the inflatable and set it up. If it starts raining, there will be NO REFUNDS. Concession machines will not be delivered since we do not have drivers doing delivers on rainy days. 

Reason: The two main reasons we do not deliver on rainy days is because first, it is not safe for kids. Second, when the inflatable unit gets wet it is very hard to clean and dry it. It costs us more money (to dry the unit) than what we charge to rent the unit out. So common sense says if you are renting it out for $70 and it is costing you $100, if it stays under the rain, then don’t rent it out. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but it is out of our hands.


A deposit isn't required, if you choose to place a deposit you can ask when you place the order.

If you would like to pay ahead of time we can arrange for that. We now accept credit card payments through Google Checkout, please inquire when placing your order.

On the day of delivery only Cash Payments will be accepted upon delivery.

Delivery/Set up

We will set the unit up wherever you like. If we feel it is not a good or safe place to set up the unit then we will not set up there mainly because there might be objects around it that will damage the inflatable. It is our responsibility to set up the inflatable and pick it back up. Before signing your rental agreement please make sure to inspect the unit. Check to see if the inflated unit is the unit you requested, is it properly setup, and if there are any damages on the unit.


We do not offer damage insurance. We have not had a problem in the past where an inflatable was damaged by the customer. Normally nothing will happen to the inflatable if the unit is properly set up. If you damage the inflatable, whether intentionally or by accident, we will advice you of how much repair costs are and you will need to pay for it.

How far in advance should I reserve my inflatable?

It is our recommendation that if you want a specific inflatable that you make your reservation as soon as you have a party date scheduled.  Most reservations take place 2 - 3 weeks from the scheduled day.  However, even if you call the day before or the same day, and you have no preference in a theme bounce we always have inflatable’s available.

Do you deliver to Parks?

No, we don't deliver to parks.

Make your reservations by calling us at (310) 920-6447 or email us at info@jumptothemax.com
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